Make your venue an easy one for bands, seminars, and event managers to book

When you run a venue like a pub or club, events are an important thing to host regularly to boost cash-flow and to bring in new patrons.

But the process of selling tickets (or making it easy for event organisers and bands to sell them for your venue) is not only difficult, it’s super time consuming.

You’ve not only got to hand over control to a ticketing company, pay big fees and wait to get paid, you’ve also got to send the attendees to their website too (often via ads you’re paying for).

Keep on top of everything with easy campaign monitoring

Designed with all of the great features that you’d expect from a smart ticketing system, it leaves you in complete control to organise whatever you’d like in minutes.

Manage all aspects of pricing, ticket sales, availability, specials, cut-offs, seating plans, promo codes and more

Charge a fee to promoters or bands in a way that suits you (and can give you a mark-up on each ticket… meaning extra revenue

Both yourself and your promoter get paid your agreed split automatically into your respective accounts

Offer marketing materials as part of the venue package including posters, flyers, event website pages etc

Not convinced? Here's how we weigh up against our competitors:


  • Complete control of event and ticket setup & management with 24/7 support
  • Ticket revenue is paid into your account in real-time, we never see your money
  • Free event website setup + hosting in your company branding
  • $2 flat-fee pricing per ticket. No hidden fees. No percentage fee tiers. Just $2.

....and much, much more

Our Competitors

  • Clunky setups with little or no support
  • Delayed payments with 30 day wait periods
  • Make you send your traffic (that you paid for via ads!) to their site & sell your tickets alongside your competitors events
  • Costly tiered pricing models with hefty hidden fees

The list goes on...

With Innertickets, there’s 3 ways to sell tickets (and all are completely up to you).

We can:

Host your website or branded event page for you, process the payments and send you the proceeds of each ticket payment in minutes

Create a branded, custom ticket checkout for your own website that you can sell your tickets from

Create an event and ticket sales website for you free of charge
(...yes, really. If you don’t have a website, or you need a new one, we can help out)

At just $2 per ticket, it’s cheap to run events anytime

Depending on your venue and the sorts of events you host, you might need a few different options for how you handle ticket sales.

Innertickets lets you choose what works best for you - without forcing you into a fixed or percentage model like many other ticketing companies (which can take a sizeable amount of your profit on higher priced tickets).

How does this work in real life?
Let's take a look...

A travelling band drops into an inner-city pub for a drink on Tuesday afternoon and gets chatting to the barman about their legendary rock act.

They strike up a deal for a Friday night, splitting the profit. But what about ticketing? Well, that’s the easy part.

The venue owner sets them up with a login under their Innertickets account and from there, they can easily login themselves and create the event page, tickets, pricing and details for their gig on the Friday night.

Both the pub and the band can promote the ticket sales on their social media to make sure there’s heaps of people coming.

And, if the venue wants, they can add a venue fee to each ticket ($2 to cover the Innertickets fixed-fee and an extra $1 to help boost the venue’s profit), with the band getting the rest.

As ticket sales roll-in, both parties are paid instantly and the tickets are delivered digitally - meaning that there’s almost no admin to do and no waiting to get paid.

It’s big events made easy.

Get paid instantly

The great thing for both you and your event promoter/band is that ticket payments are processed straight away.

Most ticket companies make you wait... sometimes up to a month (or more). But we don’t hold your funds like they do, only the tiny $2 fee we charge per ticket sold.

So when you’ve got an event to run, cash to outlay, and staff wages to cover, why wait 30 days to get paid? See your revenue in your account almost straight away - that’s the power and convenience of Innertickets.

Sales data you can work with

Having detailed sales info in real-time means that you can keep on top of your event ticket sales.

  • Do you need to run another promotion on Facebook?
  • Do you need to increase or drop the ticket price?
  • Will more seating be needed, or even a second event?

Track everything to do with your venue and know exactly how each event is going with us.

Our QR codes make it super-easy to manage check-ins too

Smartphone cameras can read QR codes (which we automatically put on every digital ticket), so as your revellers arrive, they can be processed quickly. They just show their ticket on their phone and you scan them in on yours, phone-to-phone, without needing an expensive ticket scanner.

The great thing is every QR code is unique, there’s no way for scalpers to forge tickets - so you don’t get taken advantage of.

You can even ask guests what worked and what didn’t

Seeing people having an awesome time at your venue is a good indicator of how things are going, but a better one is actually asking them.

  • They might have loved the band, but the toilets were awful.
  • The beer might have been cold and fresh, but the food was poor.
  • There might have been plenty of space to dance, but nowhere to sit. get the picture.

With Innertickets you can get the full picture by just asking the attendees for feedback through our feedback survey feature. Making your next event even better.

Book the beach club in Bali?

We recently worked with one of Bali's leading beach clubs. And it’s not just any beach club, it's ridiculously popular one.

To keep track of all their daybeds, restaurants and clubs, they used a set of third-party providers that couldn't talk to each other. We consolidated everything into a single, simple system, so now customers can book within the beach club website from their PC, tablet or mobile device.

And with Innertickets, they were able to manage all of their venues across Bali and around the world, all from a single, easy to use system.

The best bit? They still only pay fees on the tickets, which can be passed on to customers, which means it essentially costs them nothing to run.

Here’s what other event organisers have said about Innertickets:

I can’t recommend innertickets enough. Setup was super simple, we set up our new website for free so that we can send people to buy our tickets on our own site, instead of sending to ticketek. The innertickets fee is pretty good and they never hold any money (it came straight to us), they didn’t even charge us until the event was finished and a success… which I thought was a nice touch. Guys you've made the ticketing of my events 10x easier, cheers again!

  • Jason, Sydney AUS

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